Edu-Impact Contest 2018


The Winners of the Contest for 2018 are:

Deenabandhu Trust
  • The main aim of the project funded is to set up Science Learning Labs in 8 Govt. Schools in District of Davangere, Karnataka.
    These 8 schools are located in strategic position and they will function as nodal centers for the neighboring schools to borrow these equipment for demonstration in their own schools. Each such nodal school with learning corner will cater to TLM needs of five to six neighboring schools. We propose to provide 43 very important TLMs for each corner. These models are large models and hence the activities conducted with them can be observed by a group of 15-20 children at a time. All the models will be provided with the proper description, clarity regarding the concept it elucidates along with suitable training for the teachers to use them. A Resource Person (RP) from Deenabandhu will keep track of this and will coordinate with these schools. He will also be responsible guide the teachers regarding the effective use of these TLMs.

The Teacher Foundation
  • Coaching for School Success program aims to supplement and support in building a strong cohort of coaches in the participating schools and the region at large. In addition to conducting training, focus would be more on the in-school support and coaching.

    The programme is spread across 8 months and is delivered in 4 phases.

    The workshops focus on enhancing self-awareness and enabling them to reflect on the values and relationship with their colleagues and community at large , on effective teaching – learning practices, creating a interesting and engaging classroom environment, on building institutional capacity for fostering teacher learning across the school.

    During the in-school training phase, TTF facilitators visit schools to conduct demo sessions, extend lesson-planning support to school heads, coordinators in the school, shadow them during the coaching process and offer feedback, suggestions and ideas for improvement.


The inaugural Edu-Impact Contest 2018 seeks to identify and encourage the most timely, actionable, and impactful ideas that can overcome the challenges in the field of education in India. Through this contest, the Silicon Valley chapter of Asha for Education will fund up to two such ideas that are the most impactful in their respective communities. The main criteria for consideration in the contest are as follows:

  • Connector.Connector.


    New and innovative ideas in the field of education of underprivileged children in India.

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    Ideas that have measurable goals in the short term [1-2 years].

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    Ideas that can span between different communities and reach a similar end goal.

Register for the contest is now closed!

If you are a registered NGO from India, with an idea that can impact the education of underprivileged children in your community, apply now by clicking the link below. Your application should reach us by February 25th, 2018. Refer FAQ below for more details. If you have more questions, please reach out to

Thank you for participating!


Please fill up this form by February 25th, 2018 to confirm your entry to the contest.
Click here to apply!
Please limit the budget for the project to under INR 20,00,000. Smaller budget ideas are also welcome.
The idea you propose must reach a logical conclusion within 2 years of the receipt of funds. Shorter duration projects [~1 year] are also welcome.
There are no specific categories for the contest; however, we plan to classify ideas as either short term solutions or long term solutions. Some ideas could be both. We welcome all ideas that have impact in short term and/or long term.
No prior partnership with Asha for Education is required to participate in this contest. Prior partnership neither puts you at an advantage nor at a disadvantage in this contest.
Any registered NGO from India can participate in this contest as long as you have a valid FCRA document.
For a charitable group in India to receive funds from an overseas source, the government of India requires that the charitable group has registration that complies with the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). Without FCRA approval, grantee organizations in India may not legally receive foreign contributions from any donor outside of India. For more details, see the MHA website at:
We welcome all ideas that align with our objectives and core values.
We will evaluate the ideas based on innovation and impact on the community. Ideas whose impact can be quantitatively measured are encouraged.
If the ideas you are proposing are diverse enough, then you are welcome to submit each of them as a separate submission.
After an initial review and screening of submitted applications, we will contact you with a more detailed questionnaire about your proposed project. If selected for that stage, we will send updated instructions around mid-March, 2018.
We are working towards the following timelines for the grant:
• Initial proposal submission – February 25th, 2018
• Selection of shortlisted projects – March 11th, 2018
• Detailed proposal submission – April 15th, 2018
• Final selection of projects – May 20th, 2018
• Project duration – June 1st, 2018 onwards
If you are unable to submit your idea in English, please email your proposal in the language you prefer to
If you have more questions, mail