Team Asha Family Biking 2023

Train with your family for a fun family bike ride!

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    Bike the scenic routes with family

    Enjoy family time and enjoy the great Bay Area weather while biking scenic routes in South Bay. All the training rides will be on Sunday mornings.

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    Kid friendly routes

    Open to kids 10 & above accompanied by an adult

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    Strictly restricted to (parent + child) team.

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    TARGET 25 miles

    Build up endurance to do a organized ride of 25 miles at Primavera Century, Fremont on April 23rd 2023.

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    Volunteer driven

    The program is completely driven by a bunch of volunteers who are passionate about biking and the cause of Asha for Education. We have experienced coaches and captains who will help you in learning the techniques of endurance biking.

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    We bike so they can read

    Team Asha bikers raise funds for Asha for Education, Silicon Valley chapter, which helps support education initiatives for underprivileged children in India. The minimum fundraising target is 250$ per person or 500$ per parent+kid team.

Info Session

When: Feb 11 2023 (Saturday) 3pm PST
Where: Virtual Meet

Enjoy 20% off purchases at Sports Basement, Sunnyvale on the day of the kickoff.

Did you miss kickoff, no worries, here is the recording
Passcode: Hf4gVC?3


Team Asha bikers raise funds for Asha for Education, Silicon Valley chapter, which helps support education initiatives for underprivileged children in India. Since its beginning in 2000, Team Asha has raised over $3 million. 100% of funds raised are sent to projects in India.

Each parent and child team is required to raise a minimum amount of $400 for one child and one Adult and $100 for each additional family member.

Most bikers in past years have raised more than the minimum required amount, and Team Asha will help you succeed in your fundraising, too!


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    Registrations Open

    Feb 11, 2023. The registration fee is $50 per person.

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    Info Session

    Feb 11, 2023 – 3 PM

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    First Bike Ride

    Feb 25, 2023 9 AM [Saturday]

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    Registrations Close


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    Recommitment Deadline

    TBD – This is the last date to withdraw from the program. Anyone who continues to train beyond this date will be required to fundraise the minimum amount.

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    Fundraising Deadline

    April 30th, 2023

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    Target Ride

    April 23, 2023 – Primavera Century, Fremont

Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t a minimum fitness level to join the training program. There always are set of bikers who are new to endurance sports. However, as with any exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning physical training.
Asha for Education is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to bringing socio-economic change in India using primarily the medium of education. To read more about Asha’s charter and projects please visit our website.
Team Asha is a sports program organized by Asha for Education (Asha) that gives the chance to individuals of all ages to discover the magical benefits of physical activities like running and biking including but not limited to an active and healthy lifestyle. All that while helping raise funds for projects supported by Asha in India. Team Asha aims to provide every runner, every biker with the means to change their own lives and make a positive difference in the life of thousands of underprivileged children in India. The program has been in existence since 2000 and helped hundreds of runners, 70% of them first timers, to reach new endurance levels and take on bigger challenges. Learn more about Team Asha here.
A comprehensive 2 month training program conducted by experienced coaches.

  • Guidance on selecting a bike, apparel and nutrition.
  • Gain bragging rights after you finish a 50km bike ride.
  • Get fit! Learn to live a healthy and active life style.
  • Get your kids kickstart on endurance biking
  • Make new friends, attend team parties & dinners!
There is an initial, nonrefundable registration fee of 50$ per person. Other costs include race registrations, biking shoes, apparel etc, food/drink supplies during all rides. Finally, depending on the target ride, you will bear your travel expenses.
This is a very valid concern that every new member of Team Asha has. We will help you with ideas, materials, fundraising clinics etc to help you with your fundraising. Till date, more than 99% of our runners have successfully met the fundraising targets.
Team Asha mentors and other Asha volunteers will work with you throughout the program and beyond to help you honor your pledge of raising the target amount. Please see this program as a means of supporting and encouraging the underpriviliged children and not simply a biking-training program. Without your fundraising efforts, it would be difficult for Asha to continue supporting these projects. We urge you to do your best to honor your commitment in helping these children. If in the end you still fail to reach the target then you are required to cover the balance by yourself.
The funds raised will go towards some selected projects. You will have the opportunity to learn about the projects for which you’ll be helping to raise money.
Our operating expenses are minimal and are covered with funds raised through special events like the Spring Run as well as the registration fees that you pay. Hence 100% of the funds you raise will go to projects.
First bike ride is on March 4th 2018. Registration closes on March 10th 2018.
All the training rides will be on Sundays in South Bay. The rides will be on trails or roads with limited car traffic. We will re-assess the plan weekly based on weather predictions.
This year, we will be targetting a ride in Napa Valley – Cycle4Sight.
Register for the program. Welcome to Team Asha!

We bike so they can read!