Team Asha Biking 2023

Come and enjoy the joy of Biking!

All registrants receive Asha biking jersey (worth $50) and a bike bottle (worth $10)
Registration Fee - $100
Info Session on March 19th 3:30pm at Sports Basement, Sunnyvale (presentation).
Also join us for ‘open to all’ biking sessions on April 2nd and April 9th (Scroll down for location)

Registrations For 2023


Team Asha is a premier endurance sports training program. It provides personalized coaching, motivation and support for individuals with a goal to run a half/full marathon or bike 100 km/100 miles or to do a triathlon. Since year 2000, Team Asha has helped hundreds of people realize their marathon and endurance biking aspirations.


Biking is a great, impact free sport that lends itself to fun group rides and allows you to enjoy the amazing views Bay Area has to offer!

Whether you are a runner looking for new challenges, a triathlete in the making, or an athlete recovering from injuries, biking is for you!


With over 9 years of experience, our team has intimate knowledge of all Bay Area roads and trails and we have successfully mentored bikers with widely varying skill levels through our structured training program.
OUR PROMISE TO YOU – our team of amazing coaches and captains will help you reach your target – irrespective of whether you are a commute biker seeking a new challenge or an experienced one hoping to learn new skills and improve your endurance.
From helping you pick a bike that fits you, training you, to supporting you on your target ride, we will be there all the way.

Relive the Giro Bello Metric Century Route last year through this link.



Build your endurance seemlessly to bike long distances through our structured training program, that gently takes you from flat trails to new heights! Ride 100 km at Giro Bello, Santa Rosa and Foxy’s Fall Century in Davis, CA.



The Bay Area offers some of the most scenic riding destinations in the country. Whether it be the sun-kissed hills of the East Bay, the redwood shaded climbs of the Santa Cruz range, the stunning coastal rides in Marin and Hwy 1, there is no better way to see them than on a bike.



With experienced coaches and captains guiding and supporting you through the entire season, food / gear stops along the way, wonderful like-minded athletes for company, all you need to do is just pedal towards your goal!

Along the way, we also organize these for our RIDERs:

Fun Picnics

Bike Clinic

Clipless pedals training

Stretching and Yoga Sessions

Carbo-loading party before target ride

Support and Gear Team for training rides

So, Are you ready to

Target Rides

Giro Bello

Distance – Metric Century
Date – June 24, 2023
More info

Lighthouse Century

Distance – 65/75/95 miles
Date – September 30, 2023
More info

Foxy’s Fall Century

Distance – 100 miles
Date – TBD Oct, 2023
More info

Open bike ride

No registrations required! Come talk to the coaches and coords to learn more about the program. Join us for a short ride with friends and family.

Ride #1 – Ride de Cañada
When? April 2nd, 2023 at 9:30 am
Where? Cañada Road, Redwood City, CA
Mileage? ~ 11 miles

Ride #2
When? April 9th, 2023 at 9:30 am
Where? Karl Nordvik Park, Fremont
Mileage? ~ 15.5 miles Route Map

  • Pics from Ride de Cañada 2018

  • Pics from Ride de Cañada 2018


If you are worried about committing to the program, we invite you to the first two rides which are open to all without a need for enrollment or a commitment to fundraise.

By 4th weekend ride, you would be required to ‘recommit’ to our program: a commitment to finish your fundraising target as per our deadline.

Season 1 (Target 100km) : $1000
Season 1+2 (Target 100mi/100km) : $1500

Fundraising Discount Policy:

– 20% for TA Alumni biker returning for upto their fourth year.
– 50% for TA Alumni biker returning for their fifth year and beyond.

Referral Discounts: $100 per referral on FR Target.
Both riders need to be riding in the same season. Referral needs to be provided during registration. The referral will be confirmed once both riders have recommitted to complete fundraising target by the deadline. Season 2 re-commitment will happen after June 24, 2023.

All the money raised through this program gets distributed among 20+ NGOs that we work with across India.
Donors like you help us ensure that kids don’t just attend school and they actually learn. We support our project partners in India who have diverse education needs – it could be a supplementary school, school with special needs, vocational training classes or digital education.To give a brief idea of some of our projects:

To learn more about our projects and locations, please visit

Asha for Education is a 100% transparent and volunteer driven organization. Every single $ you raise is dispersed to our projects. All the coaches train athletes for no cost and in fact many of them fundraise just like any other athlete enrolled in our program.

In 2017, our Team Asha athletes raised ~300K. Asha for Education Silicon Valley chapter dispersed 477K to 20+ projects impacting the lives of 15,000 children in India. Check out our 2017 annual report here.

  1. Start your fundraising early – this helps in reaching out to more people and raise way more than your minimum target.
  2. Most of the profit companies in the Bay Area do company matching. All your donations can be doubled by applying for company match. Check here if your company has a donation matching program.
  3. Every single hour you volunteer for ANY NGO can be used towards your fundraising through ‘volunteer hour grants’.
  4. Another great way to fundraise is to organize a lunch sale at your workplace or in your friends circle. You also get a chance to explain about various projects Asha supports. Read this article to see how a Alumni raised funds.
  5. Lose your inhibitions – you are asking people to donate for a great cause. It’s important to explain why you are training through Team Asha and how proud your donors should be because they are helping every child in leading a better life!
  6. If you are artsy & crafty, this will be an amazing way to show your talent. You can ask people to donate towards your FR for every item you sell.
  7. General donations to Asha for Education by the athlete in the same fiscal year can be accounted towards FR target. (donations to fundraising campaigns such as Work An Hour, Support A Child etc and events will not be considered).
  8. Tips from our Asha alumni.
    Be sure to attend our fundraising clinic to learn more!
This is a very valid concern that every new member of Team Asha has. We will help you with ideas, materials, fundraising clinics etc to help you with your fundraising. During every weekend training, your group captain will help you keep on track. Till date, more than 80% of our bikers have raised more than the minimum fundraising targets.
Team Asha mentors and other Asha volunteers will work with you throughout the program and beyond to help you honor your pledge of raising the target amount. Please see this program as a means of supporting and encouraging the underprivileged children and not simply a biking-training program. Without your fundraising efforts, it would be difficult for Asha to continue supporting these projects. We urge you to do your best to honor your commitment in helping these children. If in the end you still fail to reach the target then you are required to cover the balance by yourself.
Asha for Education is a 100% volunteer driven organization. Asha-SV has a list of projects we support every year. 100% of your donation goes towards the projects because our operating expenses will be covered by the registration fee you pay. If you want to donate to a particular project of your interest, please contact


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    Register Now

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    March 19, 2023 3:30 pm – Sports Basement, Sunnyvale

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    Bike Clinic & Bike Purchase Session - Sports Basement

    TBD – Sports Basement, Sunnyvale

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    First Ride (OPen For All)

    April 2nd, 2023 Cañada Road, Redwood City, CA Join us for a short ride. The event is FREE and registrations are not required. Meet our coaches, coords and alumni to learn more about the program.

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    Second Ride (Open For All)

    April 9th, 2023. Join us for a short ride. The event is FREE and registrations are not required. Meet our coaches, coords and alumni to learn more about the program.

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    REcommitment Deadline

    April 30, 2023 – This is the last date to withdraw from the program. Anyone who continues to train beyond this date will be required to fundraise the minimum amount.

  • Connector.

    GiroBello Metric Century (Target Ride)

    June 24, 2023, Target distance – 100 kms

  • Connector.

    Lighthouse Century (Target Ride)

    Spetember 30, 2023, Target distance – 65/75/95 miles

  • Connector.

    Foxy's FAll Century Ride (Target Ride)

    TBD Oct, 2023. Target distance – 100 miles

  • Connector.

    Fundraising Deadline - For Both Seasons

    Nov 30, 2023

Our Team


  • Coach Mani apparently has been riding since he was 7yrs old (just like the rest of us!) but took up serious biking since 2006 because he started riding to school & work on his bike. He along with other captains and coaches have inspired a lot of people in Team Asha to bike to work. Save gas, save money, stay fit and get your workout for the day done & dusted!
    He has been with Team Asha since 2012. All the motivation led him to finish a lot of centuries, Death Ride, California Triple Crown and of course the most famous Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km bike ride. He has also successfully finished Vineman (140.6) triathlon. When you get to know him during the season, you will know how he bugs everyone around him to take up biking 🙂 Over the next few years, he wants to take up bike touring where you backpack on your bike – amazing, isn’t it?

  • Popularly known as ‘Venki’, joined Team Asha in 2008 and started riding in 2011 after getting inspiration from his peers. He has been an important part of our core team because he believes in the hallmark of the program: A complete beginner can target and achieve what they might have thought is not possible.
    During the last couple of years, he has completed some of the famous rides like STP (Seattle to Portland), Death Ride, San Francisco to San Diego.
    Apart from riding and being an amazing coach, he has also participated in a bunch of marathons and triathlons. Being a cardio junkie, he loves to play tennis, badminton, ultimate frisbee, football! He also spent a summer coaching the local soccer team in the Bay Area. He is a great carnatic music singer! If you convince him enough, he might sing for you while you are riding 🙂

  • Jayant started biking in 2010 to keep himself healthy and joined Team Asha in 2011. He has done quite a bit of century rides and he is one of the coaches of our team. His longest ride so far is Seattle to Portland ride which is 206 miles in one day! He is right now training to do Death Ride which is 115 miles and 15,000 feet elevation gain! He is also starting to run and swim – so maybe a triathlete in the making?

  • Sriram joined Team Asha in 2008 with the running program and later joined the very first season of the biking program in 2010. Ever since he has been a regular with the team Asha biking program except for about 3 years when he was based in Singapore. He has completed many centuries and has also completed the Seattle to Portland ride. He enjoys riding with newcomers to team Asha and truly believes in the program that can help a beginner get to their first century. Remember – it’s the biker not the bike.


  • Anup joined Team Asha in 2004 to the running program and switched to biking in 2014. He is one of the most patient and amazing captains that Team Asha has to offers to all the athletes. He has done 3 centuries so far and he loves the Lake Tahoe ride with his Asha friends. During a ride, you will find him just around the corner waiting to click your ‘bike pictures’ 🙂
Arun came to know about Team Asha through one of the programs we had conducted and he got himself swirled into the program full time. He got inspired by the coaches and challenged himself to do a 100-miler in 2012. He has been an amazing captain, very hands-on with the bike repairs and assembly. Make sure you catch hold of him before purchasing a new bike – he knows all the road bikes in & out 🙂
  • He is one of our newbies – joined in 2016 with no previous road-biking experience. Biking gives him the hope of staying fit, set personal goals and the strive to achieve more. Mr. B (as we call him) adrenaline junkie loves this challenge followed by sense of accomplishment. As he quotes “ Team Asha offers a secure, judgement-free environment for anyone to pursue their personal athletic goals regardless of ability, a systematic training program so athletes can go on to achieve remarkable goals, and a fabric of philanthropy to bind us all to something greater”.
    He pursues Hindustani classical music – so now you know whom to tag along with if you want music while biking 🙂

Girish started riding in 2010 and fell in love with it especially because of what the Bay Area has to offer in terms of weather and scenery. He felt having a strong group of friends motivated him to keep riding and he loves riding from Sunnyvale to Coastal Hwy 1 and back.
After completing 5 seasons, he trained both his daughters to ride 100kms with him which is quite amazing isn’t it 🙂 Soon after, he started ‘Team Asha Family Biking’ where child and parents can ride together as a family.
  • Just like most of us, Kiran enjoys biking because it’s like reliving our childhood days – the joy of air whooshing past as we ride down the street. Dedicated biker that he is, finished both 100km and 100mi in his first year with Team Asha. Just like the most of us, he also enjoys Lake Tahoe 100km ride. TA has helped him in giving back to the community and also adopt a healthier lifestyle. He also coordinated family biking program in 2017 and encouraged families to spend quality time together.
  • Siva joined the Team Asha Biking program in 2014 and has been in the program every year since then. He was the biking co-ordinator in 2015 along with Girish.

    The sheer joy of watching new Team Asha riders exult at the finish line after their target rides and the camaraderie that he shares with the core Team Asha biking group is what motivates him to come back every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration fee ensures your spot in biking team. All registrants gets a free biking jersey and water bottle. Earlybirds also get a free Asha t-shirt.
There is not. Every year we get several athletes who are new to endurance sports, most of whom have gone on to successfully completed both season 1 and 2. However, as with any exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning physical training.
Athlete needs to pay for race registrations, travel arrangements, biking equipments and accessories costs. But, we do negotiate for a charity group discount for major target rides and also have group bike purchase discounts with various bike shops around Bay Area.
Feel free to contact program coordinators or coaches to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Coordinators can be reached at
Meet us in person on March 31st at the Kickoff event at Sports Basement, Sunnyvale, attend the two open rides at the beginning of the season to see how you feel during the ride.
Training sessions include one weekday ride (~1.5 hours) and weekend ride (~1 to 5 hours) depending on mileage, elevation and pace.

Apart from training sessions:

  • We encourage you to do your own ride/spinning class on weekday for about an hour.
  • Yoga and core strengthening workouts are highly recommended for atleast twice a week.
Yes, Bagels and bananas at the start, followed by a few rest stops powered by our amazing Support And Gear (SAG) team. We pamper you with yummy home-made food and drinks, thanks to our volunteers who make your training session so great! In case of any injury, our SAG car will help you in every step of the way. Our coordinators, captains and coaches are CPR certified.
SAG is usually done by Asha volunteers, family or friends of Asha bikers. If you / your family would like to help out, please let us know.
We train all over the Bay Area – South Bay/East Bay/Peninsula/Hwy 1. We try to pick routes that are fun, safe and bike friendly. Where we ride also depends on the representation of riders in the group .


We bike so they can read