Team Asha Virtual Training | Open to all Chapters

During these difficult times around COVID-19 pandemic, our Asha projects’ children are not getting mid-day meals, our teachers are not getting paid and it’s forcing parents to resist social distancing to feed their family.
We hope to come together to rely on each other as a community to help the most vulnerable population.
So while we cannot kick start any regular outdoor driven Team Asha programs to raise funds,
we would like to introduce a virtual training program starting May 4thMay 11th, 2020, open to experienced runners, bikers, triathletes and climbers like you, our beloved alumni.
Strength/Core training is a key component of your endurance training program. This 14-week virtual training program, will take you through a 30-45 minute strength workout sessions through Zoom, twice a week. You will get the opportunity to workout with your Asha family and bring some much needed cheer and camaraderie that we are all missing.
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    Target - Choose one: (1) Half Marathon, (2) 100 mile bike ride, (3) Climb 250 Floors

    Team Asha coaches will train you towards your goal.

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    Personalized coaching

    Team Asha Coaches will work regularly with a small group with same goal for a period of 14 weeks to reach your peak when you attempt a target run/ride/climb. If you are a first time runner or biker – please contact us immediately at for more information.

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    Virtual training via Zoom

    You will be assigned to a coach based on your time-zone and your choice of a target. A coach to participant ratio will be 1 to 9 max.

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    Expert coaches driving motivation and performance

    All our coaches have experience coaching for years in their respective field, and have inspiring stories to share. They will be accompanied by assistants who may or may not be directly working with a small group, if the group size exceeds the limits of 1 to 9 (coach to participant ratio).

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    Participants will be guided off the virtual training sessions via emails in regard to Nutrition. We expect participants to know the needs of the apparel and equipment to attempt their target. If you are a newbie, email us at to discuss more.

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    Team Support for Practice Runs / Rides / Climbs

    Accomplishing a task like these requires a sustained team effort. We have created a Strava group that you can join after registering allowing us to motivate each other in your virtual practice runs/rides/climbs.

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    Volunteer driven

    The program is completely driven by a bunch of volunteers who are passionate about the cause of Asha for Education. All our coaches, mentors and coords volunteer their time to make the program successful.

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    we run / bike / climb so they can read - All funds donated from or towards the Athlete will be disbursed to their respective chapter

    Team Asha athletes are encouraged to raise funds for Asha for Education, all the funds will go towards all chpaters that take part in this event. Asha helps support education initiatives for underprivileged children in India.

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      Weekday and weekend training runs/rides

      A schedule will be provided, participants are required to do such a run/ride/hike in and around their neighborhood and post it on strava.

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      Strength/Core workouts

      Our virtual training is designed to guide you through strength and core workouts to improve your endurance

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      Individual guidance

      Guidance from our professional coaches for all participants of all levels is accommodated via emails.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, this a free of charge to you. Our coaches have come together to help you to stay strong in these difficult times.

    We encourage you to donate and raise funds (recommended target = $500; this is a suggestion but any amount is welcome and is appreciated) while you accomplish your virtual target for a cause through this virtual and free strength/core training and guidance program. All the funds will go towards respective chapters that participant associates with in this event. We are using Silicon Valley’s existing platform to raise funds and register our event.

    As with any exercise program, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning physical training. Participants are required to have some background in running and biking.

    None, towards the program. Some expenses may be incurred for apparel, nutrition and equipment repair.

    • Train for about 14 weeks, regularly twice a week at virtual sessions.
    • Do your virtual practice runs/rides as provided to you after registration via email.
    • Raising funds is encouraged to help Asha projects in such difficult times, as mentioned above.
    • A comprehensive training package conducted by professional, experienced coaches.
    • Schedules for everyday training. This will be a well-paced training program consisting of hard-training days, easy-training days, rest days, guidance through virtual presence for cross-training, strength training and more.
    • The opportunity to draw from the experience of coaches and past runners.
    • The opportunity to network with past marathoners and other fellow athletes in the local community.
    • Nutrition guidance
    We run strength training sessions on Mondays through Thursdays at 6 am (Pacific Time). As far as practice runs, hikes, rides go – we recommend you follow your local social-distancing guidelines. Mostly, you may be okay to run/ride/hike in and around your neighborhood.