TRUWDES – Success Story

Today, we would like to share a success story where Asha made a difference to a village located in the midst of Indra Gandhi National Reserve Forest, Tamil Nadu. This village had little or no awareness about education. Young boys were introduced to child labor in food industry in nearby towns or out of state and girls were married off as early as 13 years of age. Some children were exploited by sandalwood smugglers and other middlemen.

TRUDWES organization started a school to introduce education among the children of the village in 1999. However, they had been operating on shoestring budget with significant problems and were on the verge of closing. Asha partnered with TRUWDES organization during this time and with Asha’s commitment, the school has been stabilized since 2009, changing the lives of many children. They have improved the school building, water filtration, reduced teacher turnover and worked on increasing government involvement in the village and children education program. It was a proud moment when the first batch of students graduated from the TRUWDES school into mainstream school in 2013. We have had more students graduate since then and we still have a long way to go. Most girls are dropping out after 8th standard and our goal is make progress here. The only way we can do this is from your support.

Please watch the following YouTube video of the project site visit from Asha volunteers, select the following link

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