Children Supporting Children – Play an hour or more

Yes – you read it right..

If you are reading this blog, you know that Asha is all about supporting the children, their education and socio economic needs. On a lazy Monday afternoon, I received a message from a friend who had just returned from Camping trip with her VPA (Vokkaliga Parishat Association) group. This was family event with close to 20+ families. For parents reading the blog, you know how important and necessary it is to entertain the children during these kind of outing for everyone’s sanity :). To entertain the children, VPA group had organized activities and games with prize money to make it more interesting. At the end of all the games, the children who won the games voted to donate the prize money to a Non Profit Organization. The children age between 3years to 13years.

Kuddos to the children who are thinking so selflessly at this age. 3 cheers to the parents who are doing a tremendous job in raising their kids.

To make the donation more meaningful to kids with data to look at, Asha team proposed the donation to be made to our annual work an hour (WAH) program to use the plan an hour (or more) donation. An anonymous friend matched the amount donated by the children to meet the WAH program needs. The child’s story and report that will be supported with this donation will be shared with our little heroes. Bookmark this page to read how this donation story continues….

(WAH is an annual program initiated by Asha to sponsor a child education for 1 year. With just 80$, a sponsor can support the education of a child for an entire year. The children from Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti – Apna SKool, Kanpur, UP. Project is sponsored by Asha Silicon Valley chapter.)

Meet the children who made the donation

~ASHA Silicon Valley

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